Home Sweet Home?

After being away for an extensive amount of time from the US, your mind and body realizes that your current location, in my case, where is my home? I’ve been drawn to many places and the places I’ve visited I could see myself living but Florida, not so much. It wasn’t until about a week before I left to head back to Florida, I made the decision about going back to Taiwan. It has become the closest place to what I can call home and I have no regrets about it. I miss Taiwan already. But Taiwan isn’t really home either but its where I’m most happy. I miss being able to spend my weekends in Taipei going shopping, sight seeing, and playing board games. Here I’m currently stranded at the house waiting for friends to come pick me up so we can hang out.
Florida is no longer a place I call home. Granted I have a TV once more with cable and very reliable Internet. I have my family here as well, even friends. I got to see my beloved yet diabolical dachshund once again. I still love her despite the incident of when she decided to fly off my bed from excitement, which ultimately put a pretty dent in my wallet. Its still not home though. If anything this feels like a family reunion for me. I fit here even less than I did before. Being away made me realize who I am and I am not the person who can settle in a place and be ok with it. I want to go to places and see things that no one else has seen. I want to go on an adventure. I want to see history through art, people, architecture. Settling with a book is something I can no longer do. I have a whole life ahead of me to do it. Keeping in mind of this goal, I realize that I may never be rich in money but I know I’ll be the happiest person you’ve ever met. If you meet me that is.
The world itself is the place I call home and as the saying goes “home is where the heart is”, its everywhere.


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