Windy City

So I’ve been here for pretty much three months now and one thing I can say is that I love being on vacation. Well a vacation from a vacation. I was just in Chicago last week and it felt so nice being back in a big city. I mean skyscrapers hovering over me. People quickly walking down the street while eating a hot dog with coffee in their hands. It was so nice. Don’t even get me started on the weather. Unlike hot and sticky Florida, Chicago on the otherhand was a fantastic weather of cool and windy. I like to say no wonder its called the “Windy city”. Until I have friends who will not be named to reason why that is not the reason its called the “Windy City”. That said though, I love Chicago and I adore being in a big urban city. Its make me realize how much I can’t stand being in the suburbs. I love being in the concrete jungle. That might explain why I went to Hong Kong three times over going to other places in the last two years. Now all I have to do is go to New York. I can’t believe I haven’t been to New York yet. Its rather funny cause I’ve been to all these places and one would think that I would have been to New York. I mean it has everything I want to see. Musicals, shopping, food, movies. Why haven’t I been there?! I have to add it to my list ASAP. Maybe I should hold off on a couple other places and just go to New York instead. I still love Chicago though. The Art Institute made it to my top 3 favorite museums I’ve ever been to! GO CHICAGO!







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