Follow Your Heart

Its been months since I posted here. I’m not sure where I should start on what has been going on for the last few months. Aside from coming back to Taiwan after New Year, I haven’t done anything terribly interesting. I’m thrilled to be back though. I’m back at my old school and happy to see my kids again. I’m sure they’re happy to have me back as well.  I’m so excited to eat really good Asian food again. Ramen! Stinky Tofu! Which I have not had since I’ve made it back. I really need to hit a night market one of these days…I do have to say though that I miss my family back in the states and my beloved baby Shiori (my dog).

I do have a list of things I wanna do this year though. As a small resolution for the year.

1. Actually date more often than I have been doing.

2. Go to South Korea.

3. Take up learning the cello. (started lessons last month)

4. Grow my hair so I can make a side braid without my head looking awkward.

5. Run a 5k.

Granted these goals aren’t particularly high and inspiring…but it works for me. As I tell everyone when they ask me for advice “Follow your heart.”


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