Found my new love

As most people know, I’m rather flaky when it comes to planning my future. I have no clue where I’ll be in two years, I have ideas and plans but there is absolutely nothing set in stone. After spending two days in Singapore, another option in my tentative future arose. I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Singapore. I would totally love to live in Singapore and here are the reasons why!

1.It’s so clean and organized!

2.Everything is English and I can also speak Mandarin there as well to impress people.

3. All the shopping. (didn’t have enough time or money to get everything I wanted)

4. Reese’s.

5. The food.

6. Quite literally East meets West.

7. People don’t judge you based on your skin color.

8. The guys are gorgeous.

9. The people are friendly

10. There are plenty of things to do

It was my first time there and dude, do I plan on going back. I’m actually trying to figure out the next time I get the chance to.  I do have to talk a bit of this adventure though. I’ve got quite a start to this story. Good Friday was the day of my flight to Singapore with my roommate and one of my best friends, Etosha. I decided to literally fly to Singapore with only 2 changes of underwear and buy the rest in Singapore. The honest truth as to why I did that was cause I didn’t bring any summer clothes with me to Taiwan. So when we got to the airport at 5 for our 7:55 flight we had to wait around for Jetstar to open up the line for our flight to check in. Eventually we got checked in and waited around at our gate, only to find out it got delayed til 10:30. I was fine with that because  Etosha and I only booked the hotel for a night (Saturday). The later the flight the shorter amount of time we had to wait around a Starbucks to check into the hotel. We walked around the airport and made a friend from Canada whose name is Jessie. Quite friendly she was, might I add. Back to the story though. As 11 came and passed by, we found out that our flight got cancelled. Oh boy can I say we and by we I mean everyone that was supposed to be on the flight, were pissed. Eventually they did say that our new flight would be at 6:55AM the next morning. Everyone had to stay in the airport though. A part of me felt bad for the people who made that announcement but honestly the way things were handle could have been better and much more professional. So Etosha, Jessie and I decided to make use of the champagne and wine we bought and started taking wine shots. 11095516_10153131738276014_5380477861240751033_nIt was very short lived but kept me buzzed enough to be slightly less pissed over the whole situation. The security did get called over around 3AM so I missed what happened since Etosha and I had taken off looking for something to do, or a distraction. We may have snuck into the VIP area and decided to take a shower and sober up from the champagne and wine. It was quite refreshing. After our shower we saw fit for us to go up to the E-library where we laid on the floor and couch until our breakfast was called.11053279_10153131737391014_8616948204743372161_n The breakfast was pathetic…but it was free so I will not complain anymore than necessary. We did make it out of Taiwan by 7 so I’m happy for that. Today I did find out that we were given a $25 voucher for Jetstar, which I haven’t quite yet decided if I really wanna use them again or not (probably not). But after arriving in Singapore everything was amazing. All the food, shopping, people, scenery…I have no words that can describe my happiness. I want to go back!  I even came across a bunch of restaurants and shops that I thought I’d never see in Asia and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. It had been years since I’ve been to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (since I lived in California) and to finally come across one, all the way in South East Asia was incredibly surprising. I heard many things about how incredibly expensive Singapore is and I will agree that I do agree with that but, I managed. Then again I was only in Singapore for two days. I’m so incredibly happy and thrilled to have visited this wonderful country. Singapore, I love you! I can’t wait to visit you again, just not through Jetstar!!


14048_10153136639321014_4288914603834427231_n11105929_10153131393376014_812180575_o    10405355_10153131740736014_6681468107543996552_n 11099995_10153136638791014_4035304946851140368_n


3 thoughts on “Found my new love

    • I will have to add that I think every country or city is unique in SEA. Granted I’ve only been to Thailand and Singapore in SEA and they are incredibly different and I still love them both very much. They’re completely different worlds. For me, Singapore is a place where I can see myself living because I’m very much a city girl, while Thailand (Chiang Mai) is much more relaxed and quiet. A nice vacation spot.

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      • Absolutely. SEA is fascinating me as well. I’ve been to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur last year. Both cities, while not being far away from each other, are completly different worlds. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in SEA rather sooner than later 🙂

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