From Unwinding to Trying

It has been quite some time since I’ve made a post, so forgive me my fellow friends and followers. Its not that I don’t have time but I’ve been distracted. I haven’t quite decided if its the good or bad kind of distraction. But since Singapore, I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and Seoul, South Korea. I’ll make another post on Seoul later.

There has been plenty going on between all my little trips though. I had a friend from middle school who I haven’t seen since eight grade come for a visit. It was quite exciting seeing an old friend. She was so lively and a breath of fresh air since Taiwan was her first country in Asia she’s visited aside from the Philippines since she has family there. It was adorable how excited she got when she tried something new. She wanted to see and do everything in the 4 days she was here. Didn’t have the time to do it all but we did our best. To say the least, I miss having her here. She made me feel incredibly blessed for all that has happened to me since coming here and its true, I am. I’m glad she came to visit. I’m sure we will meet again!

Going to Kota Kinabalu was relaxing and quite stressful. Most of the stress game the night before we left. My roommate and I decided to forgo booking a hotel and just hang around town until our flight at 6AM. We wandered around until about we found a coffee table and sat there for a good hour before deciding on taking another walk in which we headed to a bar. Which I would like to let everyone know. Don’t go into a bar in Malaysia! They are so expensive. The two of us shared a can of coke and that cost us 5 bucks. ONE CAN! But we did manage to enjoy out stay there at the bar. With a purchase of a 5 dollar can of coke we got to sing karaoke. We sing a few familiar songs like, I’m Yours, Bohemian Rhapsody…etc. and even a few songs in Malay. Singing in Malay is quite fun! I’d totally do it again!. After the bar closed at 2AM we continued our walk around town until a taxi stopped by and agreed to take us to the airport. We arrived at the wrong terminal….and we didn’t have enough money to taxi over to the second terminal. At 3AM we convinced a driver to take us to the other terminal with whatever we had left.

After we made it to the correct terminal and checked it things were pretty much smooth sailing from there. But haha….the taxi situation was quite an adventure. We were exhausted and thought for sure we would miss our flight.  But we didn’t so all was well. But that was as stressful as this trip got. Everything else was enjoyable.

Lots of shopping got done here. I didn’t realize that a lot of imported goods and clothes in Taiwan is much more expensive than anywhere outside of Taiwan. So to say the least, I spent a good amount on goods here. I let the shopaholic in me take over. She was ecstatic.

The foodie in me was quite thrilled to try something new as well. I had banana leaf, which is a meal that has rice along with sides like curries and vegetables, that is eaten on a banana leaf. Fun fact, your hands will be dirty. Satay is something that’s delicious as well. I’ve had it before so of course I had to have it again. Curry laksa was probably my favorite thing to eat there. If you haven’t had that before, let me tell you a little about it so I can encourage you to try it. Its a meal that consists of vermicelli noodles, chicken and a spicy soup. The soup is the best part because of the slight sour and spiciness from the curry, coconut milk with a hint of lemon. Stingray isn’t bad either. I like to call it the “true”  chicken of the sea. It actually has a harder texture like chicken compared to tuna and the cooked meat looks like chicken as well.

If you guys haven’t noticed from my previous posts I like to travel for food. haha…I know I’m terrible.

I’ll try to get some pictures in on my next post.


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